About commissions

Commissioned artworks are custom pieces made from your pictures or ideas that suit your taste and desires. They are wonderful ways to capture for all time beloved friends or places. Depending on the kind of artwork you want and how clear your vision or ideas are, the artist can work in 3 different manners with you.

You have your own pictures of the subject

The artist will work from the shots; she may guide you in your choice if you want something that really differs from the original photos. It is also possible to reproduce a picture as is (for which you must hold all intellectual property rights).


You have precise ideas but no reference photos

The artist will help you put your words into images through sketches drawn upon your comments and vision (with a digital collage if needed to help visualize the scene). Another option is to buy rights to one of the talented wildlife photographers Morgane works with.


You just have a theme in mind, but nothing precise

The artist will work with a lot of freedom to surprise you with her own vision of your chosen subject. This is a good option if you would like something you can’t find in the artist’s gallery.

You've made up your choice? Please visit the Process section and the Price Guide or just ask for a Quote.