Frequently Asked Questions

Q: To whom is the workshop directed?
A: The workshop is directed towards people willing to discover or improve hyperrealistic techniques in acrylic. You do not need a significant experience to fully enjoy the teachings, basics in acrylic painting are enough. More advanced painters will be able to perfect specific techniques. For intensive workshop the minimal age is 16 as you need to be able to concentrate over lengthy periods.

Q: What is a workshop day like?
A: After the installation at 9:00am, explanations/step by step demos of technical points or specific techniques alternate with their practical application by the students. Morgane spends time individually with each trainee to make sure that everything has been understood, to help overcome any possible difficulty and give personalized advice depending on one's level and expectations. Coffee breaks are scheduled around 10:30 in the morning and 4:00pm in the afternoon to regain some strength and put things into perspective. A longer break is planned between 12:30 and 1:30 around a good lunch to relax and exchange views in a casual atmosphere. The day ends with a bit of tidying up at 6:00pm.

Q: Are there a limited number of seats?
A: Yes, to guarantee an optimal and tailored individual tuition in a warm, friendly and supportive environment, Morgane takes only a maximum of 10 students. Workshop opportunities with Morgane being quite rare and sought after, you are highly encouraged to book at the earliest (spaces will fill on a first-come, first-serve basis). A waiting list will be opened when the workshop has sold out and students will be contacted if space becomes available.

Q: What will I paint?
A: The choice is yours entirely! You will have the privilege to spend a full day at the Parc des Félins to take photos, sketches and notes on the animals, so you will be able to choose the image that will inspire you the most. Morgane will help you work out the best composition and you will have material at your disposal to print your model. At the end of the workshop you will go home with the portrait of your favorite cat!

Q: Is the studied technique only for painting big cats?
A: Off course not! The experience and knowledge you will gather during the workshop and the different techniques you will master can be used on many other subjects: hairy and feathery critters but also natural texture such as grass, rocks, etc.

Q: How is the atmosphere?
A: Excellent! Studious due to the intensive nature of the workshop but relaxed and friendly at the same time. Students are encouraged to exchange between them and with Morgane during the painting sessions. The regular breaks are a good time to chill a bit, talk about everything and nothing and forge links. The cosmopolitan nature of the group also makes for an enriching cultural experience.

Q: Are supplies provided? What will I work with?
A: All the art supplies are included in the price and this is the professional material Morgane works daily with. You will have access to a complete drawing kit, a choice of acrylic-ready medium in different sizes, a large array of Liquitex Professional acrylic paints, brushes of different size and shape including special detail brushes (which you will take home with you) and all the accessories needed for painting practice (palettes, aprons, easels etc.). You will have the opportunity to buy some supplies to bring home for yourself at the end of the workshop.

Q: Where is the workshop held?
A: Apart from the Parc des Félins visit (about 50km from Paris), the workshop is held in the heart of Paris (the precise address will be provided upon registration). It is a typical French artist studio with a large, bright and warm space allowing 10 people to comfortably work standing just as well as sitting. For those discovering Paris, it is located in a very lively neighborhood, close to many restaurants and bars, perfect for strolling or sightseeing during the nice summer evenings.

Q: How do I get to the workshop venues?
A: The studio is very close to several subway stations (lines 8 and 9). Parking on the other hand can be tricky even if there are a few paid parking spots in the nearby streets, it is strongly advised to use public transportation instead.
Concerning the Parc des Félins, a free car park is available on site. It is possible to come by public transportation from Paris (train then bus or taxi depending on the station you arrive at, all information will be provided upon booking). Carpooling may be available with Morgane or other volunteering students (to be arranged when the time comes).
In all cases, transportation is not included and remains at your expense.

Q: Is lunch included? What is on the menu?
A: Morning/afternoon coffee breaks and lunches are included in the price.
Hot or cold drinks with a little something sweet (viennoiseries, biscuits etc.) for coffee breaks. For lunch there will be a choice of fresh sandwiches, pies and salads, soft drinks and desserts (from local French bakeries or small restaurants). Special dietary needs (e.g. vegetarian) may be reasonably accommodated, please let us know when registering.

Q: What about accommodation?
A: There are many hotels close to the studio, you can do a search on any travel booking website with "Paris 75011" as a destination. There are also a lot of accommodation options such as studios or apartments in the neighborhood on airbnb. This could be a good option if you would like to share accommodation costs with other students.

Q: What is Parc des Félins?
A: The "Parc des Félins" (Feline park) is a zoological center entirely dedicated to the breeding and conservation of members of the feline family (140 animals from more than 30 species and sub-species : lions, tigers, leopards but also less known small cats such as sand cats, Pallas's cats or ocelots). The cats can be seen roaming in vast enclosures spread across 4 walking circuits arranged by geographical origin, perfect for studying and learning plenty of things on them.
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Q: I do not have a good camera, will I be at a disadvantage?
A: Not at all! The goal of the day at the Parc des Félins is to learn to “see” the cats, their anatomy, behaviors, character. So you are going to work with your eyes above all else and you will be able to sketch and take notes. Even with a small camera you should be able to get some exploitable shots. For the subsequent work in the studio, if needed, Morgane and the other students who will be kind enough to share their pictures will provide you with some additional photos for you to use.

Q: I am not a good walker, can I still take part in the observation day at the Parc des Félins?
A: Off course! The circuits have been built on level surfaces and benches are provided so that the park is easily accessible to all and we will go at your own pace. In addition, it is possible to rent small carts for the material and even wheelchairs if you really have trouble walking. Please let us know if that is the case upon registration. Please note that the studio is on the 2nd floor of the building with no elevator (the staircase is wide and passable though).

Q: How do I book?
A: If you have decided to spend 6 unforgettable days with Morgane, all you have to do is fill the form on the Registration page (to better understand your wishes and expectations, it is not a selection test!) and pay your deposit to book your space (you can also pay in full). You can pay either by credit card via Paypal or by check in Euros only. The balance is due 30 days before the start of the workshop (can be paid in two installments). You will receive a booking confirmation and all practical information pertaining to the workshop.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?
A: There is a 5% discount for early birds who pay in full the price of their workshop before April 15th, 2017!

Q: What if I need to cancel?
A: If you cancel more than 90 days before the start of the workshop, you will receive a full refund minus your deposit; between 90 and 30 days before, 50% of your paid fees minus your deposit will be returned to you; less than 30 days before and during the workshop, no refund will be given. You are therefore highly encouraged to purchase cancellation insurance before booking.
In the event the 3-student minimum requirement for the workshop is not satisfied, all monies received will be either applied to another scheduled workshop (in the next 12 months) or returned to you in full.

If you have not found the answer to your question, do not hesitate to Contact Morgane directly.