Morgane is inviting you to discover her techniques and share her passion for wildlife art during demos or workshops. If you would like to learn at her side, it is a unique and privileged opportunity to take advantage of the guidance of an internationally renowned professional artist and learn some of her trade secrets... But book quickly as places are scarce!

Summer 2017 intensive workshop in Paris: Learn or improve the hyperrealistic techniques to paint big cats

On the program

One day of observation, sketches and photos at the " Parc des Félins " (Feline Park, 140 small and big cats from 30 different species and sub-species) to get to know your chosen model, its anatomy, behavior and character.

5 days of intensive practice in the studio with the selection of the reference picture and composition, the explanation and step by step technical demonstrations on how to draw and paint cats with a breathtaking hyperrealistic rendering. We will linger on the eyes, nose, ears and all the little details that bring an artwork to life.

At the end of the workshop, you will go home with the portrait of your favorite cat plus techniques and knowledge that can be applied to many other subjects!

Practical information

From Sunday July 16th to Friday July 21st, 9am to 6pm (9:30am to 7:30pm for the visit at the cat park on Sunday).

In a warm and typical artist studio in the heart of Paris.

Workshop for initiated or advanced adults (16 and over, max 10 attendees).

750€ for the full workshop or 150€ per day (170€ for Sunday, see schedule below to choose the day(s) you'd like to attend). The price includes:

  • 6 full days (50 hours+) of personalized tuition according to each student's level and expectations, in English or in French
  • The complete professional material (drawing kit, canvases, paint, brushes and accessories)
  • Lunches (choice of fresh sandwiches, pies and salads from local French bakeries, soft drinks and desserts)
  • Morning/afternoon coffee breaks (hot drinks and a little something sweet to regain your strength)
  • The cat park entrance fee (transportation at your expense)

Projected schedule:

  • Sunday 16th: Parc des Felins visit with sketches, behavioral and anatomical studies, notes and reference photos
  • Monday 17th: choice of model, work on composition, drawing and background
  • Tuesday 18th: base color blocking, basic fur painting technique
  • Wednesday 19th: building of layers, glazing work
  • Thursday 20th and Friday 21st: work on facial features (eyes, ears, nose, whiskers), finishing touches and adjustments. Technique adaptation for environment elements (grass, rocks etc). VIP visit of the art material shop of our partner Géant des Beaux-Arts.

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